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Paul Whitbread (Viola)

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Musical Style

MMSQ plays "classical" music.  We mean that in the broadest sense.  This includes:-

* The "Classical Period" (that's where Mozart fits).

* The "Baroque Period" (think: Vivaldi's four seasons)

*The "Romantic Period" (think: Schubert, Chopin)

*The "Modern Music" (think: Strauss waltzes)

* "20th Century Music" (think: Ravel)

* "Contemporary Music" (think: film scores).

Our List

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Choosing the music for your event

For some events you might need to tell us exactly what (and when) you want us to play.  For example, for a wedding, you should choose music for the "Bride's entrance", "Signing of the register" and "Presentation". We can help you choose.

"Can you play our special song?"

"It depends".  If you have the string quartet music: easy. If you have sheet music: not too difficult, but we need time to make the arrangement. If you only have a  recording: its still worth asking -- we might know where to get the music. BUT: A quartet plays "tunes" so some rock music that is mostly "rhythm" (drums) won't work.

Wedding at Ginnenderry

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"What music can Mainly Mozart play at our event?"